About Us

About Us

GTC Lawyers

GTC Lawyers is a national law firm of senior lawyers working together in a non-traditional service model designed to provide premium legal advice and representation at the most economical rates possible.

At GTC Lawyers, we achieve levels of personal service, flexibility and economies of scale only dreamt about by other law firms. Our lawyers have no billable targets, no expensive corner offices, and no office politics to distract and hold them back. Hot-desking, working from home and having full access to our suite of back-end services gives all GTC Lawyers the tools they need to do what they love most – practice law.

Our Non-Traditional Approach

At GTC, we provide the flexibility that modern professionals demand – and deserve! No billable targets, no set hours, no office politics. In our experience, happy lawyers are better lawyers…

Top Tier Economies of Scale

Our lawyers have the support of a national administrative, accounts and IT team – which means the legal work is done as economically as possible.

Like To Know More?

If you’re a senior Australian lawyer and you would like to learn more about what GTC Lawyers could do for you, contact us today.

Management Team

James Stevens

Managing Director

Michelle Makela

Legal Practice Director

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