Civil Law

GTC Lawyers’ civil practice area encompasses everything from minor neighbourhood disputes, to employment law matters and major civil litigation. Resolving a civil dispute can be a delicate balancing exercise between understanding the technicalities of civil procedure, service requirements and limitation periods and applying common sense solutions to situations that may be able to be resolved without the intervention of the courts.

Our civil solicitors have a practical approach to disputes and look at the situation from all angles. They canvas all possible way of resolving the matter with their clients and ensure the client understands all their options and is empowered to make their own decisions as to how to proceed.

Our civil team is committed to resolving civil disputes as cheaply and expediently as possible and will always encourage clients to explore alternative dispute resolution options wherever appropriate in an attempt to avoid costly litigation. When litigation is initiated, clients are provided with a comprehensive overview of our fee system and are alerted to any additional costs their choices may incur.

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