Criminal Law

One of our largest areas of practice is criminal law. Our criminal clients range from minor summary matters in the Magistrates Courts to serious indictable matters in the District, County and Supreme Courts. As over 90% of criminal defendants plead guilty, the bulk of our criminal practice consists of negotiating with prosecution, obtaining supporting material such as character references and presenting the client’s circumstances to the court in a sympathetic light to get the best possible sentencing outcome.

Our criminal lawyers are committed to remaining abreast of the latest developments in sentencing policy and any mandatory sentencing provisions that apply in the jurisdictions they practice in. They listen with an open mind to their clients’ situations and strive to understand all the factors that contributed to their offending in order to advocate for sentencing orders that meaningfully address its root causes.

When listing a criminal matter for a contested hearing, it is important to be familiar with the brief of evidence and to arrive at a solid case theory. Our criminal team is committed to resolving contested criminal matters through negotiations with prosecution wherever possible. When a matter must proceed to a contested hearing, our solicitors thoroughly test the prosecution case and advocate for their clients at trial. If an unfavourable outcome is received, our criminal team will explore any possible appeal grounds with the client in a timely manner.

Our criminal lawyers make every effort to demystify the legal system for clients and to communicate in the appropriate register for the client’s level of education and experience with the justice system. We pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients and in ensuring no client feels marginalised at any stage in the process of finalising their matter.

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