Traffic Law

Traffic offences range from minor infringements to serious criminal offences that can attract significant periods of imprisonment as well as periods of licence suspension or disqualification. They can also involve the risk of the impoundment and forfeiture of the vehicle involved. Our traffic lawyers understand the sorts of circumstances that can give rise to traffic offences and also of how crucial a driver’s license is to many people in the community.

Practicing in traffic law requires solicitors to have a sound working knowledge of any mandatory licence disqualification periods that apply as well as the existence of any other mandatory conditions, such as being subject to an alcohol ignition lock or taking part in driver education programs. It also requires solicitors to keep abreast of the latest developments in case law on traffic matters.

Our traffic lawyers are well versed in police procedures in relation to traffic offences and will go through any brief of evidence with a fine-tooth comb for any noncompliance with protocol that renders evidence challengeable. They routinely negotiate successfully for the downgrading of charges and resolve matters without proceeding to a contested hearing whenever possible.

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