Immigration law is a highly technical area of law, where the stakes for clients can be extremely high. Practicing in this area requires cultural sensitivity, skill in the use of interpreters and empathy for the stress caused by the uncertainty of seeking temporary or permanent residency in Australia.

Whether it is a visa application, breach of visa requirements or review of a decision by the department of home affairs, our immigration law team will assist the client with sensitivity, ensuring they understand every step in the process. Our immigration lawyers are accustomed to working collaboratively with interpreters and to explaining the law and checking instructions carefully with clients from non-English speaking backgrounds. Whether the client is seeking a Protection Visa, a place in the skilled migration program, or a family visa, our immigration law team will ensure they are well prepared.


The importance of completing a visa application correctly and supplying an exhaustive affidavit at first instance cannot be overstated. The process for review of departmental decisions by tribunals and through judicial review is long and difficult. Furthermore, outcomes can be severely compromised by a failure to put forward all relevant facts at first instance, even where the client had a good reason for this (Such as trauma, in a protection visa application).

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